Charlotte Dancers – Special Offer

Charlotte area tango dancers, we understand your schedules are more complex than dancers who are traveling from out of town. Therefore the Queen City Tango Marathon team is offering you the following options…

Milonguero evening milonga passes
3 nights – 6 milongas $90 per person
2 nights – 4 milongas $70 per person
1 night -2 milongas $40 per person

2 daytime passes – 4 milongas – Sat & Sun 11:30am – 5pm, $60 per person

To continue our policy of gender balance, this offer is for leaders or couples/pairs only.

DJ Schedule
Friday 1/12 8pm – 5 am
Daniel Arredondo & Jae Youn

Saturday 1/13 8pm – 5am
Chuck Hand & Rick Kim

Sunday 1/14 9pm – 5am
Angel Montero & Andy Stein

Daytime – Saturday – Ken Broom & Clint Rauscher, 11:30am – 5pm
Daytime – Sunday – Greg Gershowitz & Alicia Lazarowski 11:30am – 5pm

Please fill out this form:

***Each partner can fill out the form and pay individually, but must attend the same milongas selected.

Prepay via PayPal only. No cash entries at the door.
You must respond by Saturday, December 23.

Use Paypal “friend to friend” to send the appropriate amount.

Please go to for more event details.