Alicia Rico-Lazarowski

Alicia grew up in Buenos Aires in a milonguero home. Her parents, milongueros of the Golden Age, transmitted their love for tango music and dance to Alicia from an early age. Tango music flows through her veins.

After moving to the US, Alicia became an active member of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill “Triangle” tango community. In 2013, she and her husband Eduardo founded Durham Tango.

In addition to her pivotal role as a tango community organizer, as well as instructor and dancer, Alicia’s innate knowledge of tango music made her a popular DJ. Since 2012, she have been invited to musicalize in regional and national Tango events, including Milonga Maleva, (Charlotte, NC), Tango Gipsy (Asheville, NC), Charleston Tango Society, Augusta Marathon, Milonga La Porteña (Atlanta GA), Two Moon Tango Encuentro (Santa Fe, NM), Salida Milonguero Tango Encuentro (CO), Chicago Milonguero Festival Cincinnati CAT Tango Marathon, and the Spoleto Tango festival (Charleston, SC).

In 2015, Alicia was invited to musicalize in her native Argentina at La Minimilonga in the city of Mar del Plata. Inspired by renowned DJ Carlos Rey of El Beso and El Obelisco in Buenos Aires, Alicia’s music stays loyal to the bullet-proof music of the Golden Age. While DJing, she keeps an eagle eye on the dancers and their response to the music. She is best known for her dynamic management of the energy on the dance floor throughout the milonga.

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