Chuck Hand

Chuck has been dancing tango for ten years now and has been DJing weekly for the past seven. He even met his wife through tango at a milonga in Sarasota. He currently has regular gigs in a different city every weekend during the month and gets invited to DJ for numerous special events and remote milongas all over Florida. You can find him in places like his local milonga in Stuart, the Palm Beaches, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, and Orlando. He is also a three year veteran DJ of the Augusta Tango Marathon and has also DJ’d in Atlanta on occasion.

Chuck features the best tandas of traditional classic tango music from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. All music is digitally remastered, volume leveled and processed through Beats Audio for optimum playback quality. And as a lifelong audiophile Chuck knows how to tweak a sound system for just the right sound every time. He strives to balance the playlist for all the different dancers’ musical tastes and changing energy levels throughout the milonga. Chuck’s goal for any milonga is that all will feel compelled to dance every single tanda.

He has also created a very unique video experience to share at milongas where he DJ’s. Video is projected to display song caption information of the music that is being played with title, orchestra, singer and year recorded to help educate the dancers on the music. This is displayed on a split screen along with random tango related videos playing for some eye candy for all to enjoy. Sometimes the music syncs with the dancers in the video which is very cool!