Karen Jaffe

Tangogypsies’ Karen Jaffe is well known throughout the Southeast region and in the greater Argentine Tango community to be a skilled and engaging partner with well-refined technique no matter what style she is dancing. Her reputation as aknowledgeable, capable and insightful instructor is widespread. She brings new ideas and creativity to the dance itself, while teaching in a way that makes the dance accessible and enjoyable to all who are interested, helping dancers find a better quality social dance experience. Karen is committed to share her passion for Argentine Tango as evidenced by her 20+ years of consistent personal study, organizing and teaching, performing and DJing, at home in Asheville, NC and beyond, to many communities. Most recently she completed a 1 year US tour with Buenos Aires native Tate Di Chiazza.

Karen’s preference in music tends to favor traditional selections from popular Golden Age orchestras. Depending on what the organizer may desire, in any given community, she can flex greatly to suit the tastes of most dancers. Known for keeping the dancers on the floor, from strictly traditional to more modern, nuevo and into the alternative, she DJs to inspire the dancers, with the music serving as the catalyst for an enjoyable and memorable experience. Karen hosted & DJd a weekly milonga for 10 years, as well as guest DJing at numerous events around the SE and throughout her extensive travels. www.tangogypsies.com