Ken Broom

As an explorer of tango since 2004, Ken enjoys playing tandas of sensual tango, melodic vals, and playful milonga in both traditional and alternative music. Watching a dance floor filled with dancers who share a common passion for the creative art of dance excites him.

Since the beginning of his quest of playing music for dancers, he has been the primary house DJ in three different tango dance venues in Columbia, SC between 2007 and 2017. He has also been featured in events like Spoleto’s Tango on the Beach (2006 to present), Columbia’s Mad Hot Tango Marathon (2010-2012), Columbia’s Argentine Tango Regional (2014-2015), Charlotte’s Candlelight Alternative Milonga (2016), Queen City Tango Marathon, and Las Carolinas Tango Marathons along with several ballroom grand openings and numerous private tango events.

As an audio engineer, Ken has been honored to mix live music for such artists as: Alejandro Ziegler, Osvaldo Barrios, Athens Tango Project, De La Noche, Orquesta MaCuba, and Palmetto Latin 9. He also enjoys hosting events, such as Tango by the Lake, WinterHeat, and The Columbia Tango Marathon as well as performing tango and other genres of dance.