Mark Mindel

Impulse Tango DJ Mark Mindel was captured by the beautiful music of tango from the start of his tango journey in 2011.  Tango enriched his life in so many ways and naturally led him to DJing.   Currently, he is collaborating on a tango music project with Tango Tunes in which his 78 rpm shellac record collection of more than 1100 records will eventually be digitized into the Tango Tunes library.  Mark has DJ’d at lovely events such as the Newport News Encuentro and the Columbia Tango Marathon. Last fall he was selected to participate in the Remolino Tango DJ contest.  It was a great learning experience and he finished in 6th place out of 64 participants from all over the globe.  Mark loves playing music that beckons dancers to share the music in beautiful, flowing rondas.