Rick Kim

Rick Kim has been DJing at milongas, festivals, and marathons in and out
of the USA since 2010. He currently resides in the Washington, DC area.
Polar dynamics and intoxication are the two key ingredients of his
DJing. He aims to instigate happiness in people.

Rick can be reached at rick@rickstangoclub.com and

Festival/Marathon DJing:
Seattle Tango Marathon, Seattle, WA
Taiwan Tango Marathon, Taipei, Taiwan
ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon, Buffalo, NY
Puerto Rico Tango Marathon, San Juan, PR
Portland ValenTango, Portland, OR
May Madness Tango Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
Fire & Ice Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
Tango 8 Fest, Toronto, Canada
Tango Por Que No Festival, Washington, DC
Tangosutra Festival, Washington, DC
Terrapin Tango Festival, College Park, MD
Candlelight Tango Festival, Charlotte, NC
Seoul Tango Marathon, Seoul, Korea

International DJing:
Tango Social Club, Montreal, Canada
Las Piernas, Montreal, Canada
Milonga Graça, Lisbon, Portugal
Tango o Nada, Seoul, Korea
El Tango, Seoul, Korea
El Bulin, Seoul, Korea
Ataniche, Seoul, Korea