Hospitality Opener Each Night

Free choice is a big part of our philosophy, for example, you can choose to take classes from our team of outstanding instructors, or you can focus on dancing.

From 9-10pm each evening followers will be able to choose to dance with members of our hospitality team, composed of our DJs, organizers, and instructors. All will be wearing armbands and will be available to be asked to dance.

Imagine dancing with some very accomplished and well-known tangueros from across the country and even Argentina!


This will be a great way to warm up for the evening and dance with some partners you don’t know, and perhaps decide you want to take a private lesson from one of our instructors.

Our hospitality team will not be actively seeking dances, so you’ll need to ask them – we are strongly recommending you use cabeceo but a verbal request would be accepted.

Please only request one tanda from any particular team member during this time over the weekend, so everyone will get a chance to participate.