Kathryn Wong

Kathryn “TangoKat” Wong
Based in Jupiter, FL, since 2014 Kathryn has been the official southeast rep for Axis Tango, the exclusive US distributor of Tangolera (formerly Bandolera) and Madame/Monsieur Pivot tango shoes. Designed and handmade in Italy from premium Italian leathers and other materials, these shoes are known worldwide for superb comfort underfoot and stability while the dancer is in motion. Fine design distinguishes Tangolera and Madame/Monsieur Pivot with exquisite lines and proportions, rich colors, and tasteful combinations of color and materials. After wearing these shoes, many dancers say they no longer like to wear any other brands.
Since her first lesson in 2006, Kathryn has been a perennial tango student. Since 2008 love of tango has led her to organize, promote, and produce weekly lessons and monthly milongas in Stuart, Florida, hosting tango luminaries such as Jorge Torres, Jorge Nel, Oscar & Georgina Mandagaran, Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia, Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz, Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino, Homer & Cristina Ladas, Julio Balmaseda & Virginia Vasconi, Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez, and many more.
About tango, she says, “No other dance has inspired such a large number of books and films trying to explain the heart, the soul, the history, and the secrets of tango! I love and am challenged by the mental, physical, mystical connection, the emotional range of tango music, and each partner with whom I have the pleasure of dancing. May the tango journey never end!”

In addition to bringing the best Italian tango shoes to events all over the southeast, Kathryn organizes and hosts tango classes and milongas in Stuart, Florida.