Kathryn Wong

Once Kathryn Wong became hooked on tango in 2007, the search was on for the perfect tango shoe. Over the years she tried lots of famous brands and became resigned to excruciating foot pain as the price for dancing tango… until she purchased her first pair of Bandolera tango shoes from Italy. The cushioning was unprecedented and the stability a revelation, all the more so because gorgeous design was not sacrificed in the process.

That’s why, since 2014, Kathryn has proudly represented Bandolera tango shoes, recently adding Nada Mas and Paoul brands from Italy as well. Madame Pivot is the latest addition to the lineup of the most comfortable tango shoes ever — on and off the dance floor.

Bandolera men’s shoes are also represented in her collection.

In addition to bringing the best Italian tango shoes to events all over the southeast, Kathryn organizes and hosts tango classes and milongas in Stuart, Florida.