Julian Ingram

Julian Ingram is a tango personality of the highest caliber. Since beginning tango more than two decades ago, he has set himself apart from most with his unique ability to combine the various aspects of tango. While he began his career as a tango dancer, he has since become a world renowned teacher, international DJ, tango historian, as well as singer and musical arranger for tango orchestras around the globe.

He has gained a warm reputation for his ability to unlock others’ musicality, whether it be through his teaching or DJing. Julian is truly one of the most unique tango personalities the world has to offer. With a former career as a professional opera singer, Julian’s unique way of understanding how to access tango through the music shines in his teaching. He’s learned to get to the essence of the “how” behind becoming more musical in tango.

His passion for helping others develop their musicality is paramount. With his keen insight into the structure of music, he brings out his students’ natural ability; the nascent ability begging to come out. It’s his belief, as he says, that, “Every person has an innate musicality and musician inside themselves. Sometimes that inner musician just needs the right encouraging in order to more fully blossom.”

Julian’s love for passing along this knowledge of musicality to his students is based on one of “learning how to learn” in order to achieve anything you wish on the dance floor. As a teacher, Julian began teaching tango in the United States but quickly expanded throughout Europe, too. He helped to build the tango communities in Budapest and Prague by being an active local teacher, milonga organizer, as well as festival organizer, more than a decade ago. Since that time, both cities have grown to be a mainstay of European tango festival and marathon life.

He has been the teacher-in-residence at two major studios around Europe, as well as the owner a Tango Academia Tallinn, his own tango school with regular weekly classes, in Estonia. Another unique aspect of Julian’s teaching that sets him apart are his specialized musicality workshops. It’s here that his students enjoy all the benefits of his vast musical knowledge as well as how to apply it to their dance. Whether it’s learning to dance more expressively to di Sarli or unlock your vals musicality, Julian’s focus on musicality through body awareness has been hugely successful for his students.

His teaching is practical to each individual student’s ability, while keeping the learning process engaging and fun! Over the last 15 years, Julian has been fortunate to add his background as a professional musician and knowledge of music in general, to being a tango DJ.

Since then, he has traveled to more than 30 countries to DJ festivals, marathons and encuentros! He has been a DJ in high demand on the tango festival circuit from as far as London, to Moscow. He treats each tanda as a miniature opera within itself and ask himself crucial questions: How does the tanda develop? What does each “Act” (tango) say, and how can we find the essential mood of the tanda in an evolved way from the first to the last? What will the dancers be like? What mood can we feed off each other with? What surprises will happen to make the event magical? The orchestras tell him these things through their recordings. He carefully selects those tracks that allow the dancers on the floor to expand and breathe. When Julian DJs, it’s a ride of emotion that is bound to satisfy!

To hear Julian sing tango is a rare but brilliant treat! He has performed at tango festivals around the world, wowing audiences with this soothing tones. That said, he sounds equally impressive singing the tangos of Pugliese with their ultra-romantic, over the top sound. As the singer & Artistic Director for Orquesta Típica Budapest, Julian has sung at some of Europe’s best festivals, showcasing his talents. He can boast that in his enormous repertoire he knows hundreds of tango lyrics from memory –as well as the knowledge of thousands more.

His tango musical influences include Ángel Vargas, known as El ruiseñor de Buenos Aires, or “The nightingale of Buenos Aires” because of how naturally he sang and interpreted tangos. It’s this freedom that Julian sings with. It’s like sinking into pure happiness. Tango music is Julian’s life and singing them showcases his lifelong passion for the lyrics and music. When he’s at his happiest, he’s singing tango. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find him on the dance floor singing while dancing!

Even with all these many different talents, the one thing that drives Julian as a tango maestro is the act of passing along that knowledge. Tango is a lifestyle. It’s our lifestyle. We’re connected to those from the very beginnings of tango because there has always been an unbroken chain of evolution that has led to us. Someone has cared enough to learn as well as teach from since the beginning. It’s by continuing this that we ensure tango never dies. Julian firmly believes that it’s our job to keep that fire burning. He just feels so very proud that he can at least carry the torch.