Rachel Moon

Rachel Moon has been an avid social dancer for over 20 years. In 2015, she spent 6 months training in Buenos Aires and in 2016 began partnering with J. Working with J has enriched Rachel‘s technical knowledge of tango, forming a great complement to her intuitive approach to dancing. Rachelstrives to tap into each student’s instinctual body movement and help them acquire tango technique that feels good and is functional on the dance floor.
Combined with her partner, Jay Abling, their teaching melds together understanding with the mind as well as with the body. J’s ability to diagnose what needs to be improved and Rachel‘s natural sense of movement enables the student to develop the necessary skills and intuition to become an amazing dancer. 
They live and teach in the Annapolis/DC area. Look up annapolistango.com to learn more about their work.