Milonga Etiquette

We‘d like to remind you of the spirit of our Marathon: To celebrate social tango as it is danced in traditional Milongas all over the world. We invite newcomers and those who have not been dancing for a long time to the milonguero scene. We hope all of you will have fun dancing in harmony, socializing, and connecting with other milonguero friends both new and old.

This is why we want everyone to understand the guidelines or codes of milonga etiquette…

– Tandas & Cortinas: The music is presented in Tandas of three or four songs. When the Cortina begins all couples leave the dance floor in order to look for a new partner at the beginning of the next Tanda. Please do not stand in front of seated persons or on the dance floor.

– Mirada & Cabeceo: We invite people to dance by eye-contact. A nod by both partners and maintained eye contact is a must to confirm the invitation until standing together to go to the dance floor.

– La Ronda: All couples should endeavor to move together counterclockwise on the dance floor. Please refrain from changing lanes during the tanda. Leaders, please enter the ronda carefully by making eye-contact with the leader of the couple approaching from your left – please do not enter the dance floor without permission from the approaching leader.   Leaders, please be alert and accommodating to those trying to enter the dance floor.

– We dance carefully in close proximity to others with respect in social tango: We do not execute moves that cause our feet to leave the floor potentially causing injury to others. We are careful and precise with our floor craft as to avoid bumps or collisions as much as possible on a crowded dance floor.

– Leads & Follows: after the Tanda and as the cortina begins, a “thank you” is a an appropriate and proper exchange and then leaders escort your dance partner to their seat, followers please allow this gesture to be completed without diversion for socializing or other purpose.

– Leads: just in case you have not noticed, the majority of follows take great care with their appearance and cleanliness to enhance their natural beauty. Please make the same effort for yourself and continue to do so throughout the evening. I am certain all the tangueras will appreciate any efforts and diligence you make in this regard. Staying in a venue like this makes it easy to maintain a clean and fresh appearance throughout the milongas.