About the Organizers

Kim and Mark Mindel’s love story spans more than a dozen years.

In 2009, Kim said she had always wanted to learn to dance so the two began dancing salsa with a friend/instructor. The instructor was himself learning Argentine tango and showed them just a taste.

At the beginning they were admittedly resistant to the idea because of their preconceptions about tango being like they saw in American movies, but the music captured Mark from the start. Together they have progressed ever since.

The Tango has captured and challenged them as a couple, as social dancers, and has helped them grow into better versions of themselves, individually and together.

Mark wanted to learn to DJ for tango because his love of the music touched his Latin heritage. He has an extensive Tango music library and has DJ’d across the Southeast US.

Mark is a master craftsman, and experiencing the flaws in temporary dance floors, he decided to design and construct his own portable dance floor. It was debuted at last year’s Augusta Tango Marathon and was a rousing success. A larger area of flooring will be used as the main floor at the Queen City Tango Marathon and smaller floors will be used for private lessons.

Kim and Mark have been hosting, organizing, and traveling as much as they can and try to never pass up any tango opportunity. Mark says he hopes that the Queen City Tango Marathon will set the standard of excellence for Tango events.

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