Gender Balance

Excellent gender balance for the Queen City Tango Marathon is crucial to the success of the event, and everyone has a role in it, which is why all attendees are “ASKED” to sign up with a partner.

If you don’t have a partner we encourage you to post on our FB pages that you are looking for someone to sign up with.  (This doesn’t mean you have to dance with this person all weekend long, or at all!)  For privacy, respond using Direct Messaging, not on the FB page. If you don’t see anyone available, ask around in your own community or check with your friends from other towns.

You can register and pay individually, but we ask you to be able to include a valid partner’s name in order to sign up.

Go here to register.

These pages can also be used to post for ride and room sharing for the marathon if you are so inclined, but be careful and smart with people you don’t know.