Photo Contest – VOTE NOW!

Here are the top ten finishers…

Congratulations to the photographers and photo participant’s and thank you everyone for voting.  It was very close, only 3 points separated our winners!  See you on our dance floor next year.
First place – Lena Hrybok, Jwan Al Brwe & Clay Marshal, you all get couples passes to our next QCTM.
Second place – Neil Liveakos singles pass, & in honor of our friend Leroy Hearon, Sandra Angel (QCTM vendor) we will select 2 tanguer@’s to help attend with a singles pass to our next QCTM.
Third place – Laure McMillan & David Philips, you both get 1/2 priced passes to our next QCTM.
Place ID Letter Photographer
1 R   Lena Hrybok
2 S   Neil Liveakos
3 N   Laure McMillan
4 L   Ju Ar
5 M   Ju Ar
6 C   Eddie Arossi
7 P   Lena Hrybok
8 D   Eddie Arossi
9 E   Ju Ar
10 A   Dominique PB
11 G   Ju Ar
12 Q Lena Hrybok
13 B   Eddie Arossi
14 H   Ju Ar
15 I   Ju Ar
16 J   Ju Ar
17 K   Ju Ar
18 O   Lena Hrybok
19 F   Ju Ar

Thanks to all the photographers who entered, and the judges who voted! See you next year!

Only one set of First, Second and Third Place votes per person. If you vote multiple times, only your last choice will be entered.

Winners will be announced July 4th, 2020!

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