Stella Mary Créations

Considered to be one of the most influential in the Argentine tango fashion scene in North America, she has built her reputation over the years.

Born in Argentina, where she studied fashion design, she moved to Montreal in the early 1980s and opened her own company there. Inspired by her passion for traditional Argentine tango, she creates exclusive clothes for the tango dancer, highlighting the sensuality, elegance and seduction of women.

Nowadays, her acquired know-how goes beyond the borders and she can be found invited on the most prestigious tango events in the world, from the festival to the Marathons, through the major tango events.

To complete your dancewear, we also offer various accessories. We also sell tango shoes.

We help you choose the right pair of shoes for your feet. Fall for the models at our disposal.

We recommend the outfit that will give you total ease.

Know that in the practice of tango, it should look good and at the same time to be able to move well.

For you, tango dancers, we are at your service to create your dance clothes.

We propose you the ideal outfit to allow you to have a good posture while dancing.

Generally, a tango dancer’s outfit is a silk shirt or with other fabrics and straight cut trousers.

Thanks to a tailor made costume, you have the opportunity to dance freely and with ease.

Whether for a special occasion or a show, count on us to prepare and provide you with your outfit on time.

We offer clothes that offer great freedom of movement

Choose from the collection of tango shoes proposed by Stella Mary Creations to complement your dancewear.

We warmly welcome you to Montreal North.

In addition to clothing and accessories, we suggest you adorn the most beautiful tango shoes.

We offer shoes adapted to your feet to allow you to dance easily. To have a good balance, make sure that the natural heel of the foot is well placed in the middle of the heel of the shoe.

Give yourself the pair of shoes that guarantees a perfect stability of the foot. Depending on your taste and the morphology of your foot, we advise you in your choice of material and style.

Choose the right size to avoid hurting yourself.

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