Tate Di Chiazza

Tate Di Chiazza, is an international artist born in the city of Buenos Aires. His Tango training began at the young age of 15, learning from the great masters including Jorge Firpo, Aurora Luibiz, Susana Miller, and Osvaldo Zotto among others.

In 1998, only 3 years after taking his first steps as a dancer, Tate began his teaching career at the emblematic Club Almagro. Later that year, Tate was invited to participate in the Expomusica festival held in Brazil. In 1999, Tate traveled to Europe for the first time with the theatre group Glorias Porteñas, taking part in the famous European arts festival, the Festival d’Avignon.

From 2002 to 2007, Tate performed as a dancer in Diego Romay’s “Tanguera”, choreographed by Mora Godoy. Tate went on to be a dance coach for the show from 2007 to 2009 in New York City, Vienna, Zurich, and Buenos Aires.

Tate has left his mark on the world’s most prestigious stages, including Chejov (Moscow), Shanghai Grand Theater (Shanghai), Staatsoper Berlin (Berlin), Bunkamura Theater (Tokyo), Museumsquartier (Vienna), New York City Center (NY), Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile (Santiago de Chile), Theater of the Insurgentes (Mexico City), Teatro Nacional (Buenos Aires) and many more.

In addition to his career as a performer, Tate spent 15 years teaching at La Viruta, the biggest tango school in Buenos Aires.

During his years as teacher and performer, Tate has partnered with many accomplished dancers including Gabriela Amalfitani, Leticia Fallacara, Elina Ruiz, Karen Jaffe, Mariana Dragone, Mariangeles Caamaño, and others.

Currently, Tate continues teaching and learning, sharing his expertise across Argentina, the United States, and Europe. He is working towards building his own studio in the town of Carpintería in San Luis, Argentina.

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Usa Mobile is: +18282166786 (but i use it only when i am there)
Email address: tatetango@yahoo.com.ar